Justin Resnik

Owner and Competition Rider

There’s no doubt about it, Justin Resnik was born with an equine spirit -- a natural-born champion in an English saddle fearlessly conquering any obstacle in a career of riding and training some of the best international show jumpers this regal sport has ever seen. The ease and freedom of movement he commands in both riding and training is indeed testimony to his complete faith in the bond that is possible between man and horse, a bond he innately understood as a young child.

A childhood which clearly steered his spirit and formulated his destiny began when he was 5 years old and living in Laguna Beach and wanting to learn to ride horses more than ride surfboards. It began an evolution from western gymkhanas to arena polo and then to jumping horses, which gave Justin’s life a singleness of purpose; the world of riding and training horses.

Being athletic and fearless himself, Justin learned first-hand that the art of training horses was about allowing a horse’s individuality to shine through. “If a horse is not allowed to be himself, he will never be his best.” It was a defining lesson and the philosophical arc that characterizes his ongoing training at Eurosport Horses today.

Justin’s career and aspirations have continued to flourish. He spent from 1999 to 2006 in Europe, riding and learning. After which time, he came back to America, weathered out the "Recession", and gained knowledge about the horse business in California. He loacted Eurosport Horses to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and showed in the top level shows in California, Canada, Colorado, and Nevada.



Justin's Career


All along he missed the European horse show circuits, the dedicated lifestyle and the abundant opportunities to see top quality horses that he had in Europe.  So, in February of 2015, he and his girlfriend and four horses and Booya left for Holland.

Horses making the journey were: Carismo Z (Carthago Z/Galant de la Cour) a Zangersheide stallion. Carismo z is owned by The Carismo Group, LLC. and has successfully started in the top level Grand Prixs this year, putting in very respectable rounds in several World Cup Qualifiers.

Copias, is a Holsteiner gelding (Calido/Caletto I) with many Grand Prix placings and wins is going to use Rich Fellar's Flexible as his role model and keep on truckin. He won a grand prix at Blenheim in summer of 2014.

Citoki (Catoki/Chambertin), is a Holsteiner gelding. His father has been one of the most successful Grand Prix horses in Europe, competing in the World Cups and Nations' Cup classes. He was a bad boy for a few years and got in the way of himself and Justin's progress with him. We collected him and he is now a happy gelding advancing and catching up rapidly.

Condoleeza is a 10 year old Holsteiner mare. A skinny little deer, she can't be caught in most 1.30m classes even at the recent Zangersheide Z-Tour.

While in Europe, Justin will be looking for new young prospects for himself and clients. If there is something you are looking for, he will look for you.

Justin credits his deep industry experience in Europe, along with the multitude of horses he has ridden and trained, with giving him a unique training philosophy that allows him to work with horses to not only perform well, but to love what they do!





"When I first started showing, it was "all about me." Now I find I get great pleasure and satisfaction, not only from showing myself and developing my horses, but from teaching others what I have learned and watching their horses and them develop and progress as riders, whether in a professional or an amateur status."

I appreciate the sponsors who help me and whole-heartedly endorse and recommend their products