Justin Resnik

Specializing in Training High-Performance Sporthorses for Competitive Show Jumping.

25 years experience

There’s no doubt about it, Justin Resnik was born with an equine spirit -- a natural-born champion in an English saddle fearlessly conquering any obstacle in a career of riding and training some of the best international show jumpers this regal sport has ever seen. The ease and freedom of movement he commands in both riding and training is indeed testimony to his complete faith in the bond that is possible between man and horse, a bond he innately understood as a young child. Justin learned first-hand that the art of training horses was about allowing a horse’s individuality to shine through. “If a horse is not allowed to be himself, he will never be his best.” It was a defining lesson and the philosophical arc that characterizes his ongoing training at Eurosport Horses today.

Justin’s career and aspirations have continued to flourish. He spent from 1999 to 2006 in Europe, riding and learning. After which time, he came back to America, weathered out the "Recession", and gained knowledge about the horse business in California. During this time, he trained amateurs and their horses and showed in the top level shows in California, Canada, Colorado, and Nevada.

Challenging himself and his students

In early 2015, he returned to Europe to train and compete in International competitions. He is now home-based and settled on a beautiful private farm in northern Italy. He is currently accepting a very limited number of clients who want to share this experience and bring their riding and their horses to the next level. Currently, several clients are leaving their horses in Italy on a full-time basis and travel back and forth several times a year to train and show. While away, their horses are cared for, trained and campaigned at a fraction of the costs of America.

Home Based in Northwest Italy

Capriata d'Orba is in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy and borders Switzerland and France. True to the meaning of its name (foot of the mountain). It is surrounded on three sides by the Alps, with the highest peaks and largest glaciers in Italy.

About an hour drive to Milan, Turin or Genoa and within easy driving distance to shows the best shows in Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria.

Castelforte - Capriata D'Orba, Italy

Eurosport Horses is currently home-based in Capriata d'Orba, Italy. We are on a beautiful private farm in the country, with top quality footing, large well-ventilated stalls and an overall feeling of peace and tranquility for the horses to recouperate after a competition.

We are accepting a very limited number of clients to train and show with us.

For clients interested in joining us, our program includes competing at FEI CSI competitions throughout Europe. During most of the year, we show 2-3 weeks out of every month. If you are coming from outside of Europe, we can generally arrange horses for you to show, if you don't want to bring your own.

Showing in Europe vs. Showing in America

Horse shows are quite different from the U.S. Competitions. The venues are often limited in size, therefore the number of horses accepted is also limited. Normal rules are one horse per athlete per class, except for young horse classes. A horse can only be shown one time a day and must qualify to move up throughout the week. Most shows host 3 Longines Ranking classes per week, which qualify the rider for the Sunday Grand Prix.

The costs to show in Europe are about 25%-33% of the costs for an "A" rated show in the U.S. This equates to about $250 - $500 per week, per horse, which includes the horse's stall, all administration fees and ALL Entry Fees!! Since you have been invited, you are treated like a guest and the management will go out of its way to make sure you are happy with everything. Everyone is treated like a VIP. Dogs are welcome on or off a leash, while motorized gold carts and motorcycles are not. Remember, Europeans w.a.l.k. Prize money is paid on the spot and you will never be required to leave a blank check or credit card in the office before you show. That would not be respectful of you. Trailer, lorry and car parking is complimentary.